Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Artistic adventures

artistic-adventures-1 artistic-adventures-2 artistic-adventures-3 artistic-adventures-4I have rediscovered my love of painting recently, and have been taking workshops with different artists I admire. Last August, it was Flora Bowley (more on that later), and in February I had the opportunity to take Jesse Reno’s workshop in Pasadena. Was it a coincidence that I had to travel to warm, sunny Southern California to study with a local artist during one of the bleakest winter months? Nope. I have to say, I was in the best mood the entire trip from all the sunshine, and immersing myself into painting for 3 full days.

Flora and Jesse have some similarities in their free and layered approach to painting, but their styles are very different. They were both wonderful teachers, but have unique styles.

Jesse skips the whole introducing ice breakers, and starts the workshop with his background and life story. He is both intelligent and entertaining while imparting some serious philosophy. It was truly inspiring to hear his path and how he became so successful.

Jesse is covered with tattoos, with dreadlocks and a cool funky style that was very much a contrast to the mostly middle aged and older crowd who was taking the class. In spite of the visible contrast- he very much relates to his students, and treated us all as his peers.

I love watching artist’s create their magic. Taking that blank canvas, and seeing it transform is always such a special experience. I learned so much that weekend- about Jesse, myself, and that I am the type of person who enjoys spending 3 days painting all day. I created 4 paintings, only 1 was close to finished. I’m hoping to have my paintings in our studio this year. Here’s the bird that evolved in true Portland style, from the paint.